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Supaloc Racing continue to push the boundaries in automotive technology.

Supaloc Racing is at the forefront of global shock absorber design and technology. Supaloc Racing shocks and dampers were designed by Oscar Fiorinotto, who has 20 years of experience in motorsport, including an instrumental involvement in damper design during the early days of Australian V8 Supercar competition.

Fiorinotto's foray into damper design was inspired through the racing exploits of Supaloc Racing team owner Kevin Weeks. Weeks had experienced a large number of different dampers in his tarmac rally competitions, but had never been totally satisfied with their performance. In one of his Porsche rally cars, Weeks experimented with a wide range of dampers and shock absorbers as the car's handling was dangerous at the limit, but none of the products improved the car's handling to a standard where Weeks was able to drive confidently. It was from this experience that Kevin Weeks, Oscar Fiorinotto and the Supaloc Racing Team decided to take a different direction with the damper design.

In designing the Supaloc Racing damper, Fiorinotto and his design team accessed different varieties of shock absorbers and dampers from various types of road and race cars all around the world, and focused on designing a damper that eliminated the compromises of all the other dampers.

For example, many European dampers are designed around open-wheel racing applications, and are therefore not as well suited to other driving purposes. The aim was to design a damper that would be suitable for every different type of driving condition, from ultra-competitive racing, to comfortable family cruising.

The key to the impressive flexibility of the Supaloc Racing dampers is their responsiveness. With conventional dampers, there is a delay between the compression and rebound of the damper. The Supaloc racing dampers were designed to eliminate this delay, and are therefore ultra-responsive, ensuring the car they are fitted to maintains its composure regardless of the terrain it is driving over.

The Supaloc Racing dampers also feature easy adjustments, which can be made by anyone with even very limited mechanical knowledge. These adjustments allow the damping co-efficient (the stiffness of the dampers) to be adjusted to cater for different types of driving conditions, while there is also a unique camber and ride-height adjustment feature.

Supaloc Shock AbsorbersSupaloc Racing used the Unigraphics computer simulation software to design the dampers, allowing them to test areas of stress on the damper under different conditions. In the manufacturing process, the Supaloc Racing dampers are also subject to a rigorous quality control process with extremely tight tolerances. As a result, the Supaloc Racing dampers are highly sturdy and reliable, making them very suitable for the tough conditions and extreme forces present in rallying applications.

Unlike other brands of dampers and shock absorbers, which have various tiers and price scales for dampers of differing performance levels, there is only one version of the Supaloc Racing damper, which is suited to every motorist.

All Supaloc Racing dampers come with comprehensive instructions on installation and adjustments, and all buyers of Supaloc Racing dampers also receive exclusive membership to the Supaloc Racing Damper Club, which includes regular emails with advice on setup, updates of Supaloc Racing team news and more.

The Supashock Damper System has been utilised in motorsport competition for six months and has already achieved amazing results. Whether you are a professional racing team or a motoring enthusiast, Supashock Racing Suspension can be tailored to your car.

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Flywheel / Clutch Systems

Supaloc Racing develops extremely light and strong flywheel and clutch systems for Porsches.

These systems are all designed with Unigraphics simulation and Finite Element Analysis software, and provide excellent performance and reliability in all applications.

Carbon Fibre Bodykits

Supaloc Racing has developed a complete bodykit for the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

This bodykit will fit any Gallardo, is extremely high quality and is available for very similar pricing to standard Lamborghini parts.

Supaloc Racing's carbon fibre components are manufactured by CLC Composites, a company owned by Carlo Lunetta.

Lunetta has vast experience in fabrication of all carbon components, using a variety of materials including Kevlar and new technology lightweight plastics. Lunetta has supplied carbon fibre componentry for many racing teams, including manufacturing componentry for the Ferrari Formula 1 team.

The body components are optimised for mass and strength depending upon the area of the vehicle on which they are used. For example, a front bumper-bar needs to have some flexibility to ensure it can absorb impacts without disintegrating. Conversely, a rear wing is far less likely to be involved in a physical impact, but it must be extremely stiff to ensure its aerodynamic efficiency is maintained even when air is travelling over it at extremely high velocities.


Supaloc Racing have done developments in these areas using Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics to ensure the materials and construction of body panels suit the applications in which they are used.

The finish of the carbon-fibre bodykit is of typical Lamborghini standards. As well as improving the appearance of a standard Lamborghini Gallardo, the bodykit also represents a weight saving of 30 per cent compared to the standard vehicle, and it provides increased downforce.

The Supaloc Lamborghini bodykit is available through Supaloc Racing and Lamborghini Melbourne.

Race Simulation

Supaloc Racing is using the latest in Race Vehicle simulation (Chassissim) and is currently contracted in providing this technology to Kelly Racing in V8 Supercar competition with great success. This technology is also used in Supaloc Racing's current race cars.  Chassisim is also used in deriving settings for Supaloc Suspension and currently has models for Subaru and Mitsubishi EVO.

Other Developments

Supaloc Racing has provided the design, development and manufacture of front uprights for the Paul Morris Motorsport V8 Supercar team. It has also provided design and development of the current 2009 V8 Supercars of Todd and Rick Kelly including full FEA analysis to the current roll cages in the Kelly Cars. A number of Australian racing drivers and teams are provided with race engineering consultancy services by Supaloc Racing, including Kelly Racing, Independent Race Cars, Eggleston Motorsport and Edgell Motorsport and Mark Petch Motorsport.


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