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Weeks Asserts Authority on Day 2, Supaloc Classic Targa Adelaide

Sep 16

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Friday, September 16, 2011 6:54 PM  RssIcon


Kevin Weeks has extended his lead in Day 2 of the 2011 Supaloc Classic Targa Adelaide with wins in all eight stages in the Supaloc Racing 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera RS.
Weeks leads the Supaloc Overall class by 19 seconds from the 1990 Nissan GTR of Tony Quinn and the Shannons Classic Outright class by 1 minute 42 seconds from the similar Porsche of Matt Selley.
“It was a fantastic day today,” Weeks said. “We changed the steering wheel overnight from the smaller one to the larger one, and it just gave me confidence in the car.”
“The setup with the Supashock Suspension was amazing. I’ve never driven a car harder than I drove today, and it allowed me to do it; it just encouraged me to drive faster and faster. The first two corners after I left the first stage this morning, I could just feel the car was with me and corner by corner I just got quicker and quicker.”
Weeks has also credited his co-driver, Toni Feaver, for her input.
“Toni was just brilliant,” he said. “Her calls were perfect and I never had to ask a question.”
Kevin came out on top even in the stages where he thought his car might put him at a disadvantage.
“The stage today that I thought was going to suit Quinny’s GTR was Nairne, because it’s very flowing and high-speed,” he said. “But we got Quinny by five seconds on that stage, so I was really thrilled with that.”
Looking ahead to tomorrow’s final eight stages, Kevin is looking forward to more rivalry.
“Tony and I have been on each other all day today, and we’re going to absolutely drive the wheels off it tomorrow,” he said.
“We don’t need to touch the setup because I’m very happy with the suspension, so hopefully it all hangs together tomorrow,” Weeks concluded.
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