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Supashock Suspension Conquers Mt Alma Mile

Apr 12

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 9:37 AM  RssIcon

A Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, equipped with Supaloc Racing's revolutionary Supashock Suspension system, has taken outright victory in South Australia's most reputable hillclimb event, the Mt Alma Mile, last weekend. 

The Mitsubishi Evo, driven by Tristan Catford, finished first outright on aggregate times and won the Tarmac Rally 4WD class. Catford also smashed his own class record by 0.53 seconds.

“The Supaloc Racing Suspension was very compliant on the fast sweepers and tip-ins, working well with the load of the Evo to maximize corner grip and mid-corner stability,” Catford said.

“Leading into the event, I travelled to upper-north South Australia on the suspension with a 450km turn-around and trialled the moderate country tarmac surfaces the country councils have to offer, which are very undulating and rough, naturally exaggerated at higher speeds.

“Considering most events I have tested with thus far have been relatively smooth surfaces, this was an optimal opportunity to compare the compliancy of the Supashock Suspension in fast road conditions, similar to those in tarmac rally special stages, to our previous coil-over setup. The ability for the dampeners to absorb the moderate bumps without violent driver feedback on high speed sections was astonishing! The ride is still firm, however the feeling of been thrown off the road when unsettled has been completely eradicated. I have absolute driver confidence in this product.”

According to Supashock Suspension developer Oscar Fiorinotto, the Mt Alma Mile result is further evidence of Supashock's suitability for competition in even the harshest conditions.

“Once again, Supashock Suspension has demonstrated improved driver confidence, resulting in improvement where it counts most: on the stopwatch,” Fiorinotto said.

“This year, we've already seen the capabilities of Supashock Suspension in Kevin Weeks's Lamborghini in the Australian GT Championship on the Adelaide street circuit. Obviously, the suspension setup required for that kind of competition is completely different to an event like the Mt Alma Mile, yet the suspension performed admirably in both conditions.”

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