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Australian GT Championship Standings 2012 - Monday, August 20, 2012

Australian GT Championship Standings 2012


  • 1st  Peter Hackett
  • 2nd  Klark Quinn
  • 3rd  Edwards/Bowe
  • 4th  Greg Crick
  • 5th  Ben Eggleston
  • 6th  Roger Lago
  • 7th  James Brock
  • 8th  Tony Quinn
  • 9th  O'Halloran/Simonsen
  • 10th  Manolios/Wilson
  • 11th  Samadi/Grant
  • 12th  John Briggs
  • 13th  Kevin Weeks
  • 14th  Eddy/Luff
  • 15th  Rod Salmon
  • 16th  Peter Conroy
  • 17th  Paul Morris
  • 18th  Martin Wagg
  • 19th  David Russell
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Supashock Dominates Final Australian GT Championship Round at Sandown

Nov 20

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Sunday, November 20, 2011 10:35 PM  RssIcon

Supashock has once again proven to be the racing suspension package of choice in the Australian GT Championship, with Greg Crick dominating the final round at Sandown in his Supashock-equipped Dodge Viper.

After qualifying second in wet weather conditions, Crick absolutely smashed the field in Race 1, breaking the existing lap record on an astonishing seven occasions as he powered his way to a 25-second victory after 21 laps.

Not content with his Race 1 performance, Crick again set a sequence of blisteringly-fast times in Race 2, lapping within 0.2 of a second of his own lap record as he saw off his challengers.

According to Crick, the performance of the Dodge Viper around the Sandown circuit, with its slow bumpy corners leading onto long straights, demonstrated the adaptability of the Supashock Suspension for a wide range of racing circuits.

“Compared to when we raced there last year, it was just a different car,” Crick said. “It was so good over the bumps, and the power-down out of those bumpy corners was just amazing. That was where I had my biggest gain – I was just jumping everyone off the corners. Over the top coming down into Dandenong Road it was really fast as well and there were parts of the track where you could ride kerbs without a problem.

“It was just so good over the bumps. That’s what a lot of people can’t do, adapt their cars for bumpy conditions. Sandown is very bumpy, probably the bumpiest track in Australia, and to be honest I didn’t really feel the bumps because the shocks are so good.”

Supashock engineer Oscar Fiorinotto explained the reasoning behind Crick’s domination.

“Supashock Race Suspension features very simple adjustability to allow team mechanics and engineers to easily make changes to suit varying circuits and conditions,” he said.

“We are very pleased that high-profile racing drivers such as Greg Crick have already achieved such fantastic results on the Supashock Suspension.”

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