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Australian GT Championship Standings 2012 - Monday, August 20, 2012

Australian GT Championship Standings 2012


  • 1st  Peter Hackett
  • 2nd  Klark Quinn
  • 3rd  Edwards/Bowe
  • 4th  Greg Crick
  • 5th  Ben Eggleston
  • 6th  Roger Lago
  • 7th  James Brock
  • 8th  Tony Quinn
  • 9th  O'Halloran/Simonsen
  • 10th  Manolios/Wilson
  • 11th  Samadi/Grant
  • 12th  John Briggs
  • 13th  Kevin Weeks
  • 14th  Eddy/Luff
  • 15th  Rod Salmon
  • 16th  Peter Conroy
  • 17th  Paul Morris
  • 18th  Martin Wagg
  • 19th  David Russell
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Lambo is go for Targa Wrest Point

Jan 29

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Friday, January 29, 2010 8:51 AM  RssIcon

The team will chase glory in the 2010 Targa Wrest Point Tarmac Rally in and around Hobart this weekend. The two leg event comprises of 14 seperate stages over various terain and course lengths, from 3.17kms to 23.6km.
The elapsed times from all fourteen stages are added to find the quickest team overall. Speed and consistency are the major factors.
With national and international tarmac specialists competing, the Supaloc race team are going to be pushing the limits in search of the desired result.

Targa Wrest Point 2010 - Supaloc Lamborghini

Targa Wrest Point 2010 - Supaloc Lamborghini


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